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male birth control

Is Male Birth Control Coming Soon?

Some day soon women might be asking men, the question, “Are YOU on birth control?” According to The Daily Mail, researchers at Monash University in Melbourne are currently experimenting with a new method of oral contraceptive for men. The researchers aim to create something similar to a “temporary vasectomy”…that’s not

Most Expensive Champaigns

2020 Most Expensive Champaigns

It was told, that a group of monks concocted a beverage which, people today, believed to be champagne. One of the monks tasted the liquid and said. “Come my brothers, taste the drink of the stars. The name champagne, in most parts of Europe, is protected under law. This means

skin like condom

Safe Sex Hydrogel | Best Contraception

As if midterms, finals and internships weren’t enough to worry about.  Unwanted pregnancy is something that many co-eds have to deal with. You need the best contraception. Even if it ends up just being a scare the stress of the unknown is often enough to make many people nearly join the

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